When it comes to research (especially with things like history) it’s vitally important to be aware of the sources we use to get our information; be they primary, secondary or tertiary sources. They also allow us to read between the lines and identify potential bias in the texts we study. So this page will be dedicated to a list of all the sources I have used in creating this podcast, in no particulr order. Hopefully some of you will benefit from this reading list.

  • A New Illustrated History of Taiwan (Wan-yao Chou)
  • Folk Beliefs in Taiwan (Huan-yue Liu)
  • At Home: A History of Private Life (Bill Bryson)
  • The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction (Robert J. McMahon)
  • Empire: A Very Short Introduction (Stephen Howe)
  • The Oxford Ilustrated History of Modern China (Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom)
  • Forbidden Nation: A History of Taiwan (Jonathan Manthorpe)
  • Empires of the Weak (J. C. Sharman)
  • Southeast Asia in World History (Craig A. Lockard)
  • Lost Colony (Tonio Andrade)
  • Taiwan Under Japanese Colonial Rule, 1895-1945 (ed. Liao Ping-hui & Wang Der-wei)
  • Among the Head-Hunters of Formosa (Janet B. Montgomery McGovern) link
  • How Taiwan Became Chinese (Tonio Andrade) link
  • The Catholic Dominican Missionaries in Taiwan (José Eugenio Borao) link
  • The Catholic Church in Taiwan (José Eugenio Borao Mateo) link to extract
  • The Spanish Experience in Taiwan 1626-1646 (José Eugenio Borao Mateo)