The Gaming Industry in Taiwan (with Iain Garner)

We are joined by Iain Garner of the Taiwanese-based games publisher Neon Doctrine. He shares with us his insights into the world of game development and Taiwan’s unique position in this industry. He also gives descriptions of just a few of the many games that Neon Doctrine has published. These include:
Legend of Tianding – ‘Robin Hood’ during the Japanese colonial occupation of Taiwan
Yuppie Psycho – a new employee in a corporate hellscape who’s discovered his job title is witch-hunter
The Library of Babel – stealth platformer, full of intrigue and mystery
My Lovely Wife (and My Lovely Daughter) – dark story about how far you’d go for those you love
Simulacrac – found phone horror games

Neon Doctrine’s website
Neon Doctrine’s list of published games on Steam
Death Trick: Double Blind – free demo (availability time-limited)
The Legend of Tianding (on Steam)
Liao Tianding’s Wikipedia page

-Other Game Developers
A Space for the Unbound (Toge)
Dungeon Munchies (maJAJa)
Spiritfarer (Thunder Lotus Games)
-Game Shows
Taipei Game Developers Forum
Summer Game Show
-Rami Ismail
Tweet about games being miracles
Full article on the subject of milestones

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