Episode 02 – Prospects of War

[Update: Uploaded a new version to remove that inane buzzing noise that appeared in a few places.]

There have been indications that China is prepared to reclaim Taiwan by force, if necessary. What is the likelihood of such an act and what would that conflict look like? Is such conflict even necessary? Is an economic conflict more likely than a military one? Let’s discuss it.

While some of these links are a little too fear-mongering in my opinion (the price of news these days – make it more dramatic to increase consumer numbers), there is a lot of useful information.

11-07-2019 The causes of the US-China trade war

14-10-2021 Why are there fears China and Taiwan could go to war?

16-12-2021: 4 Signs War Over Taiwan Could Be Coming

Update: Since posting, this video has come out looking at the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and postulating on whether China might do something similar to Taiwan. It seems someone agrees with many of my speculations, which is comforting. However, my postulations on landing sites for an invasion seem to have been a tad off.
29-04-2022: Will China Invade Taiwan Next?

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