Episode 03 – Ethnicities

[Update: A note on the sound quality. There was a weird high pitched sound in the first third of this recording that I have been unable to eliminate. Forgive my relatively new skills at audio editing. At least the latter two thirds of the recording are free of it.]

[Update 7th Oct. 2022: Three is new evidence for the “little black people” from the Taiwanese indigenous peoples’ folklore, as mentioned in this Taiwan news article and on this science & technology website.]

Part of understanding the people of Taiwan and their history is to look at the ethnicities that make up the inhabitants of the island. While today the vast majority are of Han Chinese descent, the indigenous peoples have a history on the island dating back thousands of years. Let’s investigate the various ethnicities of the island, what historical records we have on them and what more recent archaeological discoveries and mitochondrial DNA research can tell us.

Website for the Council of Indigenous Peoples

Documentary on Indigenous Peoples Part 1

Documentary on Indigenous Peoples Part 2

Chinese Provinces Map

World Map

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