Episode 06 – European Search for Eastern Spices

We draw back from Taiwan in this episode to get a larger picture of the European Age of Exploration, as this will create great changes not only for Taiwan, but for the world as a whole.

We look at the explorations of Bartolomeu Dias, Chistopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan, to the growth and dominance of Portuguese trade in the East.


In this episode I made a reference to the podcasting duo, Cameron Reilly and Ray Harris; in particular to their fabulous series on the Cold War, aptly named, A Cold War Podcast. They are a fantstically absurd pair who take a detailed look at history in a humorous and (sometimes) delightfully childish way. They have podcasts covering The Renaissance, Alexander the Great and an ongoing series looking at the lives of the Caesars of Rome. Some of these are behind pay walls, others are free.

Julius Caesar has slipped behind a paywall in recent times, but Augustus is still free. For those wishing to whet their appetites, give this couple a listen by following this link to their Augustus series.

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