We’ve had a week on non-stop rain, so recording hasn’t really been possible for me. Not to fret, though, I will still release something this week in the form of a new page.
I’ve collected many examples over the years of the weird and wacky wording that our Taiwanese cousins make of the English language and have decided to start curating my collection. I will update it regularly as and when I locate my years of stashed photographs. This is a mix of business names, sign posts, stickers, graffiti, menus and any place where language slip-ups can occur. I may even throw in the odd artwork for good measure. I hope they amuse.

Oh yes, and we have giant robots… just because.

Going forward, I may have to switch this from a weekly podcast to a fortnightly podcast. Running a podcast on top of holding down three jobs isn’t quite as manageable as I had hoped. Nevertheless, I shall persist and update fortnightly as a rule, weekly when I can.

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